AHA! Team Interview Program
AHA! Team Interview Program
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AHA! Team Interview Program

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Results-oriented group interview program for hiring frontline employees.  Includes one set of AHA! Team Cards.

AHA! has added the FUN back into the hiring process and created a program that has proven results.  The program includes:

  • Detailed facilitator guide to help you create a fun, informative, and results-oriented ninety-minute group interview.
  • Set of AHA! Team Cards with instructions on how to use them to create interactive activities.  
  • Email templates to guide your initial and follow-up communications with candidates.
Past results we have seen from using the AHA! Team Interview Program includes:
  • Applicants quickly get a feel for you, your company culture, and the position requirements.   
  • Applicants walk away with a good feeling about you and your company, even if they don't want the job.  They often become advocates for your company.
  • You quickly create a pool of candidates who believe in your product or service and are ready to "put the work in" to be successful. 
  • No more string of individual interviews with no results.

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