AHA! Impressions Monthly Recruiting
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AHA! Impressions Monthly Recruiting

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AHA! Impression Monthly Recruiting Package

We take hiring off your plate! You won’t have to deal with posting job ads, promoting your opportunities or conducting initial phone screenings with candidates because we do it for you!  Please note that the purchase of the HROI package is required to take advantage of this service.

We save you time and money, as this package helps you…   

  • Increase the reach of your posting (16 job boards!)
  • Provide consistent communication with your candidates during the hiring process, as we do it for you!
  • Showcase a seamless image online (Facebook, LinkedIn, Glassdoor) to encourage passive candidates to apply.
  • Sponsor your postings to increase visibility to your target audience.
  • Screen the applicants-both the hundreds of resumes and conducting phone screens, as we do it for you!
  • Promote your openings onsite with Text Recruiting.  We provide the shortcode, signage, and management of the messages.  Just interested in Text Recruiting?  Find more information here.

Receive only the applications that fit your position and culture. Eliminate sifting through a pile of unqualified resumes! 

Make hiring decisions easy as you get detailed notes from our expert phone interviews.


• Get UNLIMITED reference checks by SkillSurvey, which is said to reduce turnover rates by 35% the first year. 

• Have individual OR group onsite interviews (we arrange for you) with only the candidates you select.

• PLUS... SPECIAL BONUS! Dramatically increase your jobs’ visibility as we include a Vizi Job Card!

 Investment: $1695 per month with a minimum of a THREE-month commitment.  You may rotate the position opening once every 30 days.  While there is no guarantee of placement with this package, our clients typically see results of anywhere from 2 to 4 positions filled on a 3-month package.

If you prefer to pay by placement, please see our AHA! Impressions Recruiting by Placement Package.

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