Hire for Results & Ongoing Impact (HROI) Package
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Hire for Results & Ongoing Impact (HROI) Package

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Hire for Results & Ongoing Impact (HROI) Package (a.k.a. Impact Package) 

Transform the foundation of your hiring practice. This package will allow your business to create and easily implement our tried-and-true hiring processes. You’ll see a significant difference in your hiring results with these tools that will allow hiring managers to become heroes for their staff! 

Includes ONE PLACEMENT with 90 day free replacement guarantee.

 With this package, you’ll be able to: 

 • Position and promote your company as an employer of excellence 

• Create the desire to work for you among candidates

• Find the right candidates

• Convert candidates into applicants with ease

• Receive a phone screening guide (customized for your business) 

• Training to optimize results of your custom phone screening guide (45-minutes via Zoom)


  • Pre-hire assessment (PXT Select) for your top candidate provides you with personalized questions directly related him/her and custom to the position in which they applied.
  • Customized coaching report for your top candidate to set them up for success.
  • AND… Five (5) Pre-hire reference assessments (SkillSurvey) so you can check references with less work, and more insight. SkillSurvey is said to reduce turnover rates by 35% the first year. 

This HROI Package is named for IMPACT because that’s what it provides. It is choked-full of value and will set you up for success with future hiring practices, so you get ongoing results in attracting and hiring the best candidates now and in the future.

Hear from our Founder, Andrea Hoffer, about the Hiring Made Easy Program which is included in the HROI package.

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