Hiring Made Easy Interview Kit
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Hiring Made Easy Interview Kit

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Hiring Made Easy Interview Kit **Signature Package**

Having trouble spotting the right candidate to hire?  How do you know if a candidate is great at interviews but wrong for your job?  Maybe they are right for the job, but wrong for your culture.  We will customize a hiring process and interview kit just for your position(s).  You will discover how to recognize the right person for YOUR job and culture.

We will review the current steps you are taking when you have a hiring need and create an entire hiring process customized to your needs.  You will walk away with a defined process that is easy to follow and gets the results you need.  No more hiring from your gut!  We will make sure you have interview questions that find you the right fit for your position and business.


  • Job Posting template for up to three different positions.  These postings are designed to increase the response rate of qualified candidates.

  • Interview questions and script for phone screens, in-person individual interviews, and (when applicable) group interview.

  • Scoring form for all interviews created above.

  • Two-hour onsite or virtual training for hiring managers on how to use the above tools.  Including tips on how to spot top performers.

  • One month FREE of AHA! Impressions Silver Membership.